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We use Electronics and Computer Science to study Physics!

A multidisciplinary STEM kit to understand the work of every researcher and to rediscover the study of measurement through direct experience of natural phenomena with a more experimental approach.

The kit consists of an Arduino Uno microprocessor, 5 sensors, and 8 educational experiments, complete with student manuals and a teacher's guide.

The project was funded by the Ministry of University and Research.

Promoting organizations: FabLab of the Department of Engineering and Information Sciences at the University of Trento and Level Up srl.


1 Arduino Uno board

1 connection cable between Arduino and the computer

1 breadboard

10 MM jumper wires

4 MF jumper wires

2 220 Ohm resistors

1 10 kOhm resistor

1 wooden frame support with a filter

1 breadboard support

1 wooden cell phone holder

1 mysterious weight

8 frames with colored filters

1 plastic inclined plane

1 plexiglass support for the inclined plane

3 strips of different materials to line the inclined plane

1 object for the inclined plane (wooden cube)

5 sensors:

  • Weight sensor FSR402 RFP602

  • Distance sensor HY-SRF05

  • Light intensity sensor LDR GL5516

  • Temperature sensor TMP36

  • Inclination sensor MPU6050

Download the script to use in the activities

Script IDE Arduino

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