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The Color Kit! allows students to explore the complex and diverse world of colors. The instructional guidelines included in the set help guide the class through many experiments, including:

  • Breaking down white light into its fundamental colors.

  • Using colored lights to create new colors (additive synthesis).

  • Studying the behavior of colored filters (subtractive synthesis).

  • Creating invisible paintings with a myriad of colors using polarizing filters.

This kit provides an engaging way for students to learn about the science and art of colors.


4x Rainbow Glasses

7x Colored Filters


1x CD

4x Slotted Black Cardboards

2x Polarizing Filters


1x Transparent Sheet

1x Plastic Palette

1x Scotch Tape

3x LED Flashlights

3x Flashlight Hood Cardboards

3x Flashlight Filters (RGB)

1x A5 White Sheet of Paper

1x Instructions

Download here the manual

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