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Physics laboratory in Augmented Reality with low-cost headsets

Augmented Reality is a rapidly expanding field, especially in the teaching of scientific subjects in high schools. AnReAL is a software conceived and designed by Level Up that allows the creation of a physics laboratory showcasing even the most abstract aspects of this subject. The headset enables one student at a time to interact with the surrounding objects, graphically displaying certain physical values such as vectors and fields. Additionally, the integrated camera allows the rest of the class to see projected what the student observes around them with the headset, involving everyone in the experience.

The AnReAL software is customized and refined according to the needs of the school or institution requesting it. For this reason, we offer a collaborative process with our experts to provide training on the use of the headsets and their potential in education, along with a definition of the required details.



Our company is able to provide general training courses on the use of devices and Virtual and Augmented Reality, specific training on the use of these tools for physics education, and training on the use of our AnreAL software.

AnReal in schools

Two high schools in Trento and Turin have already embarked on this training journey with our experts, subsequently working to define the best version of this digital and interactive laboratory tailored to their needs. This process also involves ensuring the understanding of the tools used by the teaching staff.

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