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For the schools

We work with schools, offering various activities, each tailored to the preferences and needs of teachers and students, such as:

  • Educational workshops (including CLIL)

  • Conferences

  • Interactive educational pathways

  • Teacher training

  • Development of customizable educational materials

Here you can find a comprehensive list of the services we offer to schools

We offer workshops for schools of all levels, related to scientific subjects.

We design training programs for teachers in the field of scientific subjects.

We co-design educational pathways related to STEM subjects together with schools.

We are temporarily setting up a physics laboratory in your school.

We engage high school students from various fields in our educational pathways.

We offer scientific seminars and conferences for schools, events, and festivals.

Ideas and insights for an innovative, up-to-date, hands-on approach to education.

Creation of personalized educational materials according to your request.

Siamo presenti sul Mercato Elettronico della Provincia di Trento e del territorio nazionale per la vendita di materiale didattico STEAM e kit didattici.

One of our strengths is also co-designing educational pathways with schools developed from a public grant. Below is a list of some of the recent projects we have participated in and helped to develop. If you have a project related to STEM subjects and technology in mind, please contact us to collaborate together!


A project on the conscious use of new technologies


Co-design pathway with the Comprehensive Institute of Vigolo Vattaro

Studenti in gioco.jpg

Male and female students have designed and created exhibits for an exhibition pathway


Students from schools of various levels collaborate to explore STEAM subjects

Teacher training and didactical consultancy

We also provide teacher training for schools of all levels and educational consultancy for the development of customized labs or tools using the machines in our Maker Space. We primarily focus on subjects within the scientific field, with a special emphasis on physics and its phenomena.

Below is a list of some of the main topics we cover:


Music and sound

Science, Technology and Music


Coding and science

Microcontrollers, Physics and Coding


VR and AR

Science, Technology and Physics


Educational robotics

Science, Technology and Coding


The air as a fluid

Science, Technology and Physical education



Science, Physics and Mathematics


Energy and enviroment
Science, Technology and Civic Education

La scienza a scuola 2.jpg

Light, vision, cinema

Science, Technology and Art


Artificial Intelligence

Science and Technology

You could be interested in...

Kit Misura.jpeg


Design and production of customized educational materials in our Maker Space.



Training and sale of virtual reality and augmented reality software for the physics laboratory


Theatrical performances for high schools of all disciplines

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