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Level Up is a laboratory of science communication and educational design aiming to engage students and citizens with the world of scientific research through innovative methodologies.


Scientifical laboratories

Teachers Training

Interactive exhibitions

Some of our projects

La scienza a scuola.jpg

We are temporarily

setting up a physics laboratory

at your school.

Studenti in gioco.jpg

Male and female students have designed and created exhibits for an exhibition path.

Kit Misura.jpeg

Design and production of personalized didactical instrumentation

Sales of materials and instruments

Some of our projects

Kit luce e illusioni.jpg

Low-cost kit for experiments on color physics and sight perception

Kit Misura.JPG

Programming Arduino in the Physics Laboratory


Exhibits designed by Level Up

Design and production of personalized enxhibit

Some of our projects

Promo 3.jpg

Failures and deceptions of human vision


Interactive exhibit between science and games


VR e AR experiences

Instrumentation for the laboratory of physics

Some of our projects

ANREAL 2.jpg

Laboratory of physics in Augmented Reality with low cost headsets

Ripple Tank.jpg

Augmented reality laboratory of physics with projections

HyperVision 3.png


Theatrical performances

Production of audiovisual material

Some of our projects

Augmented Lecture


AR performance

Debut performance at the

EXPO Dubai 2020


Via Generale Giacomo Medici 4/1, 38123 Trento TN, Italy

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