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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Level Up also deals with Virtual and Augmented Reality, applying it in various fields beyond educational teaching, including dissemination and theater. On this page, we present two software programs we've created that use augmented reality to visualize abstract aspects of phenomena from a physical perspective.

ANREAL 2.jpg


The AnReAL software is an Augmented Reality system that utilizes headsets for the study of motion and the laws of physics related to dynamics.

The Augmented Laboratory

A set of augmented reality for physics education. Thanks to a projector and a 3D camera, we can visualize the propagation of waves in space, the gradient of an irregular surface, simulate experiments, and much more.

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Teacher training and laboratories

Our company is able to provide general training courses on the use of devices and on Virtual and Augmented Reality, specific training on the use of these tools for physics education, and training on the use of our software.

We have already conducted several courses in various schools in the Province of Trento, in Piedmont, and in Veneto.

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Teacher training, educational workshops, conferences, and much more.

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Creation of highly interactive installations for the exploration of the sciences.


Science Theater

Theatrical performances for high schools of every kind

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