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Costum design instruments

With the machines in our Maker Space, we can meet all your needs by following specific requests and criteria to create the educational materials you require. These materials can also be accompanied by instructional sheets developed in collaboration with the teaching staff.

Modular track for primary school

Wooden marble track with modular design for primary school.

Mobile laboratory for middle school

Three suitcases serve as large mobile laboratories for three different themes for lower secondary school. The mobile laboratories are named: Scientific Method, Vision, Water and Air. This kit was created as part of the project Ready... Set... STEAM!

Galileo Galilei's inclined plane

Creation of a wooden inclined plane, similar to the one used by Galileo Galilei in his study of the motion of objects, for the History of Physics course at the University of Bologna.

Kit photovoltaic

A custom-made kit for the 'L. Da Vinci' Scientific High School that allows detailed study of solar radiation and the systems used to derive electricity from it, exploring the operation and efficiency of photovoltaic panels through simple circuits.

Kit Greenhouse Effect

Creation of a kit to experiment with different conditions that can generate the greenhouse effect. The kit also includes a thermometer to measure air temperature. The kit was developed upon request from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Bologna.

Kit minimized paths

There is a simple and fun way to visualize the minimized paths that connect various points.

Using the frames shown in the photo, made of transparent plexiglass with various contact points, and water and soap. The kit was developed upon request from the Collegio Arcivescovile di Trento.

Contact us via email if you also have in mind any hard-to-find educational materials and don't know how to create them!

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