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In our spaces in Trento, we have a Maker Space equipped with machines that allow us to design and create innovative educational tools using simple materials. Since 2019, we have put some of the tools we have created up for sale, which were used and requested by local schools. Our strength lies in our ability to produce customized educational materials based on the requests and needs of each individual school.

Below is a brief list of complete kits with educational cards that are already available for sale:

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Kit Measure

A multidisciplinary STEM kit to understand the work of every researcher and to rediscover the study of measurement through direct experience of natural phenomena with a more experimental approach. The kit consists of an Arduino Uno microprocessor, 5 sensors, and 8 educational experiments, complete with student manuals and a teacher's guide. The project has been funded by the Ministry of University and Research.

Kit Light and Illusions!

The Light and Illusions Kit engages students in a series of experiments to discover some properties of light and our vision. By following the activities outlined in the user manual, it is possible to explore various phenomena such as the colors of light, color perception, stereoscopic vision, and construct some fascinating illusions. A kit that combines science, creativity, and art. Suitable, with the supervision of teachers, for primary and secondary schools of all levels.

Kit Luce e Illusioni.jpg
Kit Visione.jpg

Kit Vision!

The Vision! Kit offers a series of hands-on experiences to discover the mechanisms of our vision. By following the instructions, you can carry out many scientific experiments, including: building a model that explains how our eyes work; discovering how light propagates and reflects on the objects around us; observing how rapidly alternating images can deceive our eyes; taking 3D images and viewing them with special glasses; challenging our visual system with various optical illusions.

Kit Color!

The Colors! Kit allows students to explore the complex and diverse world of colors. The educational instructions included in the set help guide the class in this exploration through many experiments, including: the decomposition of white light into its fundamental colors; the use of colored lights to create new colors (additive synthesis); the study of the behavior of colored filters (subtractive synthesis); the creation of paintings with a thousand colors through the use of polarizing filters.

Kit Colori.jpg

Kit Cartesian's little devil

Discover the phenomena related to buoyancy with Cartesian's Little Devil.

Fill the tube with water and insert Cartesian's Little Devil in the shape of an octopus. What happens if you squeeze the tube on the sides?

With the pipette and the nut at your disposal, you can also build your own Cartesian's Little Devil and test it like a real researcher.

Kit Darkroom

With the darkroom at your disposal and the set of filters, you can experiment with how light changes our perception of colors.

Observe objects in the darkroom using all the filters and even combinations of multiple filters, and discuss with your peers what you have seen, also changing objects inside the room.

Camera nera_edited.jpg

Customizable instruments

With the machines in our Maker Space, we can meet all your needs by following specific requests and criteria to create the educational materials you require. The materials can also be accompanied by educational cards developed in collaboration with the teaching staff.


We sell iOLab, a wireless laboraty system, a product of MacMillan UK editor. Built in sensors measure force, acceleration, velocity, displacement, magnetic field, rotation, light, sound, temperature, pressure, and voltages down to a few μV. Expansion connectors provide access to over a dozen user controllable digital and analog inputs and outputs. Free software controls the device, acquires and displays data in real time, and provides a suite of analysis and data manipulation features.


Didactical instruments

We sell small tools for exploring and better understanding STEAM, suitable for various school levels, which can be purchased individually or as part of the listed kits.

Discover which tools are available in our shop.

Siamo presenti sul Mercato Elettronico della Provincia di Trento e del territorio nazionale per la vendita di materiale didattico STEAM e kit didattici.

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