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Educational workshop

We offer student-centered laboratory pathways, based on their interests and addressed through multiple languages to engage all intelligences present in a classroom group.

Our activities are designed according to a specific methodology that sets us apart:


Learning through interdisciplinary pathways in communication among mathematics, science, technology, and education areas.


A modular educational proposal where each teacher can choose activities that align with their educational goals and the interests of their students.

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Activities based on themes and experiments that start from everyday life and provide an interpretation through a scientific perspective.

We are always available to work with teachers to choose the most suitable educational pathway, starting with the presentation of a wide range of activities from which to select the most interesting. For example, a selection of the pathways on which we have years of experience includes:


Music and Sound

Science, Tecnology and Music

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Coding and Science

Microcontroller, Physics and Coding


AR and VR

Science, Tecnology and Phisics


Educational Robotic

Science, Tecnology and


Air as a fluid

Science, Tecnology and Sport



Science, Physics
and Mathematics


Energy and Enviroment

Science, Tecnology and Civic Education

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Light, Vision and Cinema

Science, Tecnology and Art


Artificial Intelligence

Science and Tecnology

And more! Don't hesitate to ask us for information on any scientific intervention you have in mind, even for assistance in designing new educational pathways.

We are also available to offer classes our discovery pathways of scientific culture in English for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) programs.

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