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The Vision Kit! offers a series of practical experiments to explore the mechanisms of how our vision works. By following the instructions, you can conduct various scientific experiments, including:

  • Building a model that explains how our eyes function.

  • Discovering how light propagates and reflects off objects around us.

  • Observing how rapidly alternating images can deceive our eyes.

  • Capturing 3D images and viewing them with special glasses.

  • Challenging our visual system with various optical illusions.

This kit provides an engaging way to learn about the science of vision and perception.


4x 3D Glasses

1x 3D Image A5

4x Rolls of Paper

2x Black Sheets

2x Glossy Sheets

1x Black Insulation Tape

5x A5 Illusion Prints

4x Cardboards for Thaumatrope

4x Thaumatrope Strings

2x A5 Thaumatrope Designs

1x Flexible Mirror (15x12cm)

1x White LED Flashlight

2x Slotted Cardboards 1x Instructions

Download here the manual

Vision kit manual

Download here the printable files

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