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A trip in the rainbow

With and by Tommaso Rosi and Giuliano Zendri

How does vision work? What distinguishes what is visible from what is invisible? What secrets hide behind our chromatic perception? Is transparency an absolute concept, or does it depend on the observing eye? What do bees, cats, and snakes see? These are some of the questions that will accompany us in this narrative journey based on visual sensory sharing. The narrator's visual experience is enriched by the use of various technological tools – including a virtual reality headset – and is projected externally to be shared with the audience, in an alternating sequence of simulations and scientific experiments.

COLORS ON STAGE premiered in June 2023 at the Vigolo Vattaro Theater as part of the events organized by the Comprehensive Institute Vigolo Vattaro to conclude the school year 2022-2023.

Would you like to see this scientific lecture-performance on stage too?

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