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The Light and Illusions Kit! engages students in a series of experiments to discover various properties of light and our vision. By following the activities outlined in the user manual, you can explore various phenomena such as the colors of light, chromatic perception, stereoscopic vision, and even construct some fascinating illusions. A kit that combines science, creativity, and art. Suitable, under the supervision of teachers, for primary and secondary schools of all levels.


4x Rainbow Glasses

4x 3D Glasses

6x Colored Filters


1x CD

2x Polarizing Filters


3x White LED Flashlights

3x Flashlight Hood Cardboard

3x Flashlight Filters (RGB)

1x Scotch Tape

1x A5 White Sheet of Paper

1x Black Insulation Tape

1x Transparent Plastic Sheet

1x Flexible Mirror (15x12cm)

2x Slotted Cardboards

4x Cardboards for Thaumatrope

4x Thaumatrope Strings

2x A5 Thaumatrope Designs

5x A5 Illusion Prints

2x 3D Images A5

Download here the manual

Download here the printables materials

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