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A journey to discover the vision of Homo sapiens and other animals on planet Earth.

By and with Tommaso Rosi

Music composed and recorded by Giovanni Formilan

How does vision work? What distinguishes what is visible from what is invisible? What secrets lie behind our chromatic perception? Is transparency an absolute concept or does it depend on the eye that observes? What do bees, cats, and snakes see? These are some of the questions that will accompany us on this narrative journey based on visual sensory sharing. The narrator's visual experience is enriched by the use of various technological tools - including a virtual reality headset - and is projected outward to be shared with the audience, alternating between simulations and scientific experiments.

HYPERVISION debuted at the 2019 edition of the Theater of Wonder held at the Sanbapolis Theater in Trento, at the Summer Orientation Week in the summer of 2019, also at the Sanbapolis Theater in Trento, and in the autumn program of the Lido Theater in Ostia during 2019.

This scientific theater performance is available in three versions:

  • Theatrical version: best performed in a location with controlled lighting, complete with music.

  • Live light version: adaptable to any context, such as a conference or a classroom workshop.

  • Online version: the full performance conducted remotely.

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information!

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